Urinal Video Game Controlled By Pee Stream


You know how you make up ideas and inventions in your head and think “that’s a great idea, I need to patent that so I can be rich!” but in reality you do nothing. Or you do nothing more than start to (hesitantly) tell your friends about it, only to get a few sentences in before you’re interrupted by someone with a louder voice who wants to talk about his own “even better” invention? (me when I was interrupted while telling a couple of friends that I wanted to build cars like bumper cars, covered in thick rubber, for softer vehicular impacts **boing**)

Or maybeee you looked up your one-of-a-kind invention on Google only to see it was already made years earlier and one even sells on eBay for $2.50 with no bids. (that was me when I came up with square and triangular-shaped curling irons)

Or maybe you did follow through with your invention (that was never me) Maybe you made it come to life. And maybe someone actually bought it. Maybe it was ok that you dumped all of your savings, loans, and parents’ money into something so stupid. Because it was Coca-Cola that bought your stupid idea. And now you’re stupid rich. Like whoever invented this urine-controlled video game system

Read about the Urine Controlled Video Game System here

Or you could just forget about your own hopes, dreams, and inventions like the rest of us and play a normal video game at home; with your pants up and no pee involved.

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