Brash Update: How to Harden a Rustler or Slash Front End: STRC Bulkhead, STRC Caster Blocks, RPM A-Arms, RPM Camber Links.

Here is a short video update on our Brash (Bulletproof Rustler LCG Slash) R/C car project.

After a lot of jumping, crashing, and bashing, we’ve replaced our bulkhead and caster blocks with aluminum parts from STRC, and our A-Arms and camber links with unbreakable nylon from RPM. The rigid ends with the flexible connection should provide enough give that nothing will bend or break.

This is two minutes. Hopefully it helps. All parts from’s RC price comparison. This is $66 worth of parts that we got for $45 and change, or 30% savings. Parts list after the video!

BIGWORDS Brash Front End Rebuild Parts List
RPM Black Front A-arms for the Electric Stampede & Rustler 80242 Basher $10.95 $7.99 27% Find Cheapest Prices
RPM RPM Camber Links:Rustler,Stampede RPM81262 81262 Basher 5.95 5.55 7% Find Cheapest Prices
STRC ST Racing Aluminum Castor Blocks for Traxxas 2WD Electrics ST3632B Basher 15.99 14.43 10% Find Cheapest Prices
STRC ST Racing Aluminum Front Bulkhead for Traxxas 2WD Electrics ST2530B Basher 27.99 18.67 33% Find Cheapest Prices