How To Get Almost All Of Your Money Back For Your Textbooks

I get it. One of the last things you want to do after laying out every cent you have left for an education is to spend even MORE money on textbooks. Especially when the cost of a book you are only going to need for one semester, rivals the price of round trip airfare to another city. Without a doubt, textbooks cost too much.

Sure, you could rent textbooks. Rentals, at a glance, seem like the cheap textbook option, right? That is if you are someone who knows how to turn things in on time (a late rental can get hit by a 20% fee). Or if you are someone who can hold back from over-highlighting and/or doodling those doodles you have doodled since you were 10. (Seriously. Come up with a new doodle, you’ve mastered that one). Any of the above comes with a penalty. And that penalty can easily cause the original “cheaper” price tag to jump up.

So how can you really save the most money? Easy. Buying sweet cheap used textbooks and selling them back. If you use a price comparison site, oh I don’t know, one like, you have a chance to get the lowest price on textbooks and to also sell textbooks back at the highest possible price, since they shop them across all the major textbook sites. After revamping their site and stores, BIGWORDS is now finding students up to 90% back on their textbooks, and in many cases helping them get MORE money back than they had originally spent.

It also doesn’t hurt that there is a “Consider Buyback” option on the site, allowing you to view the total cost of your textbook -how much you can buy it used for and a projected “buyback” price (what online vendors are currently paying students for that particular book). It’s a great way to see how much you’ll be saving, before you even spend a dime. Don’t worry, if you were a dummy and messed up last time, make sure to use this feature next go-around.

Real Life Sample Saving’s on a $137.80 Humanities Textbook on BIGWORDS:


Oooooo. Ahhhhhhh.