I Hate Digital But I’m Buying My Mom A Kindle (Because It’s Cheap and She Asked For It)

I like to touch, feel, and hold my books. When I am on a plane, I like that I don’t have to “turn my book off” and can read it while I’m taxing the runway of JFK waiting an hour to even get in the air. I like that my book doesn’t run out of battery, that I can share it legally with others. I like that people know I am reading when I am on a train and not just endlessly playing with my cell phone like the rest of the world.  I’m not ashamed to admit that. I think reading looks smart, and you can bet your ass I like looking smart.

With that said though, not everyone agrees with my book sentiment. We are smack in the middle of the digital age and whether I like it or not, people prefer touching screens to pages. I know this, because my mom, the mother who said she would never give up buying used books…the same woman who endlessly complains to me about “my generation”‘s obsession with everything social and digital….told the family she wanted a damn Kindle for Mother’s Day.

Lucky for me, when I did a price compare on Kindles on BIGWORDS.com  it came up cheap. Like really cheap….as if I’d ever spend regular price on the very thing sucking the life out of my precious paperbacks.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire (home 3)

Retail Price: $199.99

BIGWORDS.com Price: $79.99 plus $2.98 shipping