Iron Chef for Less In Your College Kitchen With BIGWORDS (You Don’t Have to Tell Your Impressed Guest How Little You Paid)

Assistant sushi chef cutting fugu in The SimpsonsAre you the type of person whose favorite distraction is to experiment in the kitchen? Are you a “foodie”? (I find that term so tacky.) Well… In college, when I wasn’t involved in student organizing, I was home, making meals, and offering the leftovers to anyone who would eat them. People saw it as an old-world gesture and it became part of my identity. After all, you are what you do.

Cooking is still my favorite distraction and had I had BIGWORDS when I was in college, I would have filled my shelves with top of the line appliances that I otherwise could not have afforded at the time. You know that the better your tools, the better the final product.  Goof chef meets good tools and we’re on to something.

So, iron chef. Are you ready to raise the bar of your college kitchen? I did a little search and found some amazing artisanal appliances that will change the way you eat and live and enjoy food. If used properly, they can even improve your love life.



1. Cast Iron Skillet Set
Although you only need one cast iron skillet to do some serious damage in the kitchen, this whole set that retails for $150 can be found for $60 on BIGWORDS. The great thing about cast iron is that it can last forever. It perfectly sautees meat, giving it that crisp outside and tender inside and can be used to cook almost anything. It’s pre seasoned so that makes it non-stick, which is healthier because it requires less grease. Lastly, this will not warp or chip away like cheap non-stick or Teflon pans. These skillets are the sweet spot for any of the culinary masters.


2. Cuisinart Griddler
Forget the dinky one trick pony panini maker. Don’t even mention the messy George Forman grill! This is where it’s at to press sandwiches and the hinge allows for this baby to be propped open into a full-size griddle that you can use to make pancakes, bacon, and brunch for your pals.


3. This enameled Dutch Oven can be used to make boil, make soups, stews with real browned meat, and it can be used on top of the stove or in the oven. You can do a slow roast pulled pork, but perhaps the coolest thing you can do in a Dutch oven is knead-less bread making. It normally retails for $199 but the UBERBOT found it for you for $35. Gourmet without the payday!

Here’s the New York Times recipe for the no-knead bread which comes out amazing.

And you thought a dutch oven was just a nasty sleeping bag trick!


4. Pepper mill
Because you put pepper in almost everything and you don’t want to waste an otherwise good meal on generic preground pepper. That stuff sucks and ruins your meal. Put a little sea salt and fresh ground pepper on a piece of meat and put it in that cast iron grill on a high temperature for 5 minutes on both sides, then lower the heat until it is done to your specification. The meat will be grilled and browned on the outside, while the meat will be perfect and juicy on the inside. Most of the time, salt and pepper is all you need.


5. Meat grinder/ Pasta maker
Make your own hamburger or linguini with this guy that retails around $70 but BIGWORDS gets it to ya for only $24. If you’re really ambitious, use it to make sausage. That’s always been a dream of mine and is probably next on my list.

We also found an electric professional one that normally goes for $150 for $9 used. Not a bad deal. IT’S A STEAL at that price! Time to make some sausage with the UBERBOT!

6. Ceramic Knives

A kitchen is nothing without the right knives. You know what it is like to struggle to chop, dice, mince, etc. Why fool around when you can have a knife that does the cutting for you. I love ceramic knives. I use them to thinly slice cured meats, vegetables, and my favorite, sushi.


The UBERBOT found this set which retails for $130 for only $12.97 and I want to kiss him on his metal keppy for that because I’m going to make this order as soon as I post this entry.

Let’s do a little price comparison and see how far we’ve come.

With the help of BIGWORDS, you can be cooking like a gourmet Iron Chef with top of the line fancy equipment for the low price of $125 as opposed to the retail total of around $720. That’s INSANE!

So, there you have it, BIGWORDS is good for more than just finding the cheapest college textbooks on the web. Our search optimizer also helps you find any kind of good from various vendors and lest you pick the best price.

Other benefits:

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