OMG It’s HOT!!

This post is inspired by a broken air conditioner and insane heat permeating my apartment walls. I was praying and asking Helios to stop riding his damn chariot of fire around my neighborhood when it occurred to me that summer is far from over and I need to take action into my own hands. It’s time for a pool party.  One of the best amenities of college living is you have access to pools. It’s the place to socialize, tan, and see what Apt B is working with. We did a little search on MUST HAVES and found some amazing pool party items you can’t live without… or we can’t live without.  Either way, Apt B will be rubbing SPF 30 all over you in no time.


1. Pool Volleyball Game

You and your best friend will look like Goose and Maverick (but in the water). This item is great for showing off your skill and as dominator of all things “splash”. We recommend setting up teams and having a full on tournament. This set retails for over $20 bucks but we found it for $4.99 on


2. Gigantic Donut Pool Float

Who wouldn’t want to float in a giant donut? We have personally been eying this item on Urban Outfitters just waiting to see if it ever goes on sale. Guess what? It won’t but we found it on BIGWORDS.COM for half off at 13.93 with FREE shipping.  Holy freakin’ savings, we just ordered 3.


3. Floating Beer Pong Set, Includes 2 Rafts and 3 Pong Balls

Beer Pong has taken on the high seas.. or the pool. Tournament style beer pong is sure to get the party going.  We found this item brand spankin’ new for $15.50 on BIGWORDS.COM. This item generally would run you about $30 bucks. Note: beer not included.


4. Waterproof Playing Cards

Pools have water. Water destroys things made of paper. Paper and pools don’t mix. Behold, waterproof playing cards. These cards would typically cost $10 bucks but with a little search on BIGWORDS.COM we found them for $4.25. These will last you all 4 years of your collegiate career.  Playing poker in the hot tub is now a dream that you can achieve.


5. 4-Piece Underwater Fun Ring

Good Lord!  These are still fun 15 years later! After you have your hand stand contest you can have an underwater ring runner contest. BIGWORDS.COM found this item brand new for 97 cents…you read right…under a dollar and a 95% savings. We hear Uberbot can hold its breath for 4 minutes. How long can you?


All these items would retail you over $80 dollars without shipping and handling. With the help of BIGWORDS.COM’s Uberbot, you can save  40% and get all these items for $49 bucks WITH shipping included. Throw the otter pops in the freezer, stock your cooler with Coors Lights, and send out the Facebook invites. Summer is not over yet!