Boys and Girls of Every Age, Wouldn’t You Like to See Something Strange?

Ahhh yes. Who doesn’t hum the song from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas (cough* at BIGWORDS.COM for 6 bucks) right when Oct is around the corner. This is a college student’s favorite holiday other than Spring Break. It’s the only day of the year you can be Abraham Lincoln or a Hooters Girl, OR BOTH without looking insane! We took a moment to scan BIGWORDS.COM to price compare all sorts of costumes and accessories that you could possibly imagine and found them for a fraction of Halloween Express cost. Better start planning your costume now because if you wait you’ll probably be stuck with a dumb pirate outfit.

I am super nerdy so I decided to find the perfect Daenerys Targaryen costume because I am obsessed with Game of Thrones. I even named my Brussels Griffon “Tyrion”. Etsy wanted over 200 bucks, ebay was hinting they wanted over $100, and Halloween Express just looked cheap and lame. BIGWORDS.COM please SAVE me (time and money).


You gotta have THE perfect platinum wig to pull off this look. It’s the Mother of Dragon’s staple piece. I found wigs that cost 30-200 bucks on other sites, but with BIGWORDS.COM I found this perfect Game of Thrones inspired wig for under $17 bucks. SCORE!


The dress can be actually any sort of medieval gown. No one is going to remember her exact costumes in the past episodes (and if they do they are a bigger nerd than you) so don’t be afraid to take a cheaper option. Through searching on BIGWORDS.COM I found the perfect dress for under $17 bucks.


This item really ties in the whole look. I found this corset on BIGWORDS.COM for $2.65. Costume stores everywhere sell out of these and charge over $15 bucks.


No Daenerys Targaryen would be complete without her dragons! I just had to order 3 of these Dragon dog costumes. I just need two more dogs to fit into them. Never the less, Petco’s cheapest dog costume starts at $20 bucks. I found this adorable lightweight costume for Tyrion and 2 of her friends for $5.76 apiece using BIGWORDS.COM.

Ready to become Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones? Just click HERE to get it all! Just another reason to compare everything with BIGWORDS.COM.