Less Technology, More Nature!!

See ya facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, vine and all that other crap! We outta here! It’s time to take a weekend to unplug and explore the nature that surrounds your campus. BUT WAIT!!! I don’t have a sleeping bag, tent, or Sherpa! That is where BIGWORDS.COM can help. Uberbot can find you everything you need and for a fraction of retail price (except the Sherpa).

Camping Starter Kit


Deal of the year. Seriously, for $40, you get a Coleman 2 man tent, sleeping bag, tarp, and sweeper. This tent would be the perfect housing for wilderness nights in Yosemite, Coachella, or whatever you guys are into. Most outdoor outfitters charge over $150 for this camp kit. Save money and time with BIGWORDS.COM.

Head Lamp


The great outdoors does not have an on/off switch. You will need a personal light.  Headlamps allow you to use both your hands when cooking, chopping extra fire wood, and umm you know… using both hands to balance off a tree branch if you gotta “go”. This particular headlamp retails for $15 bucks but BIGWORDS.COM found it for $7.

Mess Kit


GRUBBS ON!!!! Gather around the campfire for some wieners and beans with this classic one man mess kit. This mess kit is made out of 100% recyclables, light weight, durable, and comes with a mesh carrying tote. Did we mention it comes in multiple color options too? Regularly priced at $25 bucks but Uberbot found it for $8.64

Portable Hammock


We recently got to swing in the breeze in one of these bad boys and it ruled. This lightweight hammock is made of extremely strong and durable nylon parachute cloth, allowing you take the hammock with you on hiking and camping trips. Uberbot found this item for a mere $13.20. Pop a brew and relax in this human sized cocoon.

Camp Axe


Every camp kit should have a small hand axe in case you are faced with the uncertain variables of the great outdoors. One word: BEARS. This axe also comes in handy to chop kindling, built makeshift shelters, and throw at tree trunks. Instead of paying over $25 bucks for this item you can find it on BIGWORDS.COM under $8 !

A quality set of camp gear will last you for years and also aid you in case you are unable to find a job after college and need to sleep on the streets! Go ahead and Google the national parks around you and pick a destination you and your friends can hike, swim, tube, or just be left alone. Leave finding quality camping gear at the lowest possible price to BIGWORDS.COM