“HOT FOR TIGHTS” Fall Trend 2013

I hate wearing pants. I always have. Like many other females there are days when I feel like a Victoria Secret run way model but there are also days I feel like Jabba the Hut. Nothing can make you feel as troll’ish  as putting on a pair of  “skinny jeans” or shorty shorts when you feel gross. That is why you need an array of fashion forward tights which happen to be the biggest fashion trend of Fall 13′. These have saved me on multiple occasions when I forget to shave my legs in the winter….ok.. maybe not forget but whatever.  With so many affordable options on BIGWORDS.COM, we have  feeling you may spend the entire winter in a pair.

I hit the JACKPOT with BIGWORDS.COM on these Amour tights that retail for 38.99. BIGWORDS.COM found 36 different colors/patterns all for $9.80 which is a 75% savings.  I love this brand because they produce quality tights that do not fade or stretch out. Their tights ranked almost 5 stars with their customer’s reviews. Check out all the tights I bought for a fraction of retail cost:




Who seriously has cosmic tights and “muscle” tights? We wanted to show you the variety you can choose from by searching and price comparing with BIGWORDS.COM

























These all look fantastic with an over sized sweater, cardigan, and boots. With such big savings, you can have some fun with ordering some crazy prints. Ready to start shopping? Get them all by clicking HERE.