Sooo …Ummm… What are You Wearing?

We are not sure why but dressing yourself before class is the most daunting task. What’s clean? What matches? Is that a BBQ stain or blood on your shirt?  Ugh.. I am already exhausted.  In your freshmen year you probably looked like a walking GAP catalog. In your 2nd year you are probably resembling a tree sloth (neither is a good thing). Like you, we spend  A LOT of time in class, walking the campus, working out, and lounging. Since you are in your first weeks of school you are probably getting up early and taking the time to look presentable. That will wear off… trust us. What you need is effortless outfits that transition into a full day of student life. Have you ever thought of using BIGWORDS.COM to style yourself? Us either and that’s why we tried it. We styled a complete outfit and found it at the best possible price. Who says you can’t look presentable without the effort?

1.  The Workout Tight


This is the BEST item you will ever own. It can be worn sooo easily and comfortably that you won’t ever want to take them off. This black pair matches everything in your closet and looks amazing with boots or running shoes. Pair them with an over sized sweater & scarf and it will be your favorite fall go to. Don’t waste hundreds at Lululemon. Get incredible quality tights at the cheapest price on BIGWORDS.COM. We found them for under $20 with FREE shipping. This means you can order a pair for everyday of the week.

2. Oversized Sweater


Nothing compares to the true comfort of the oversized sweater. Just by typing it’s name takes us into a day dream of pumpkin spice lattes and watching Legends of the Fall in bed. It looks amazing with a great pair of workout tights or skinny jeans. Uberbot has great taste and pulled the most stylish trends with us only typing in “over sized sweater”. He must have majored in fashion cause we are sold on this military grey beauty. We found this gem for $15.00. It retails for over $60! Can you save 77% savings?!

3. Aviator Sunglasses


Hungover? Sad? PINK EYE? Hide it! We really do not need to tell you the importance of a pair of big lens sunglasses. Uberbot really did some amazing digging to find this pair for under 2 bucks! Don’t waste your money on a really expensive Prada sunglass… we all know you are going to lose them.

4. Nike Running Shoe


We LOVE these neon running shoes! A pop of color to your kit has never been so comfortable and easy. Running shoes are acceptable pretty much in every place you go and nothing says “I work out” like this flashy pair of Nikes. This exact pair retails for almost $200 bucks but Uberbot found the exact pair we wanted for $99 with FREE shipping from REI.  These will literally help you run from ex BFs/GFs and also help you get to class in time if your “running late”. What other item does that?! We’d say these are a solid investment.

5. Bun Maker


By far the most amazing invention EVER! Are you sick and tired of the tedious curling ironer and straightener routine?  You can now throw that hot mess into this super stylish cute bun. This item will probably save you 30 minutes per day getting ready. Not only does it hold all day but the high bun makes you appear taller, thinner, more classic. Try it for cheap! We saw this item at Ulta for $12 bucks and Uberbot found a 3 piece set for $3 dollars! Do your hair in under 3 minutes? Totally possible!


As you can see, we put together a name brand head to toe outfit you can wear everyday & everywhere  for under $150. If you were to shop without our precious Uberbot, you’d be paying over $240 dollars. Thanks Uberbot!