Football season has taken over our twitter feed. Only one thought comes to mind : Football Party. You can turn any small apartment into a game day headquarters with the help of BIGWORDS.COM. We put together an affordable list of college football necessities for your kick off extravaganza!

1. Crock Pot

Single handedly the most key staple to any party is the Crock Pot. All you have to do is throw a brick of cheese and some ground beef into this time saving device and WALLLAAAA! NACHOS!! Shred some lettuce and cut some tomatoes for sides.  BIGWORDS.COM  found a top of the line crock pot for $20 bucks with free shipping Don’t forget the Fritos !


2. Cooler

Your fridge will be packed with snacks so a cooler is always a great way to chill adult beverages. We know you have limited storage but a cooler can be used as a trunk, stepping stool, extra seat, and more.  This item is a must for every student. You’ll get plenty of use out of it and can’t beat Uberbot’s price of $20 bucks with FREE shipping!


3. Serving Items

99% of the food is judged on presentation not the taste. Make it pretty! Use these trays for decorative cheese and deli presentations or fruit animal sculpture. Find trays like the one below between $5-25 bucks on BIGWORDS.COM


 4. ESPN Stadium Sounds

Nothing gets us more riled up than hearing the band play. This great cd will actually make you feel like you are in your school’s stadium all while getting your guest in the touch down spirit. Side note: it may anger your neighbors. Use with caution! BIGWORDS.COM found this gem for a PENNY! Yes.. one cent The original price is almost $20 bucks! NO thanks… we will use BIGWORDS.COM.



Go Team Go! #1! DEEEEFENSE!!!!! MORE NACHOS!!! Cheer with a vengeance about anything with these amazing pom poms.  Other uses include motivating your roommate to clean the bathroom, directing the flow of hall traffic, annoying your significant other, and more! Get 12 of these extremely annoying cheering devices for $14.50 which is half off the normal price! GOOOOOO UBERBOT!!!!!!!



There you have it. Just a small example on how diverse BIGWORDS.COM can be. From football essentials to books, Uberbot loves to price compare every item to make sure you get the best possible price. Use it for everything and anything. We consider that a touchdown.