I was walking through Target when I heard it…. FA LA LA LA LAAA!!! LA LA LA LAAAAAA! Oh man.. Christmas is coming and it’s not even Halloween yet. As I turned the corner I saw the Christmas trees brightly decorated and ornaments being stocked on shelves, I immediately panicked and started to make a mental Christmas roster of who I need to buy for this year. This act was quickly halted as I tried to remember my last bank account balance.. did I have $20 bucks or $200 in there…crap.. I think it was more like $2 bucks. headphonesSound familiar? Don’t worry poor college student, this is where BIGWORDS.COM steps in and helps you price compare this year’s BEST gifts. Put a cap on me and call me “Santa’s little helper” cause I will be posting the best and most sought after gifts from now until Christmas at a fraction of retail cost (feel free to add these to your own personal list too).










Over the Ear Headphones

Ditch the ear buds. They hurt and have terrible audio. These over the ear headphones make a wonderful gift for anyone and they are under $40 bucks. We just saved you half the cost! We like to use these even when they are not plugged in to avoid small talk from various friends and family.













Re-chargeable Battery Pack
The most amazing invention ever is the re-chargeable battery pack. You will never have to plug your phone into an outlet in the library, airport, or mall bathroom. These are a must if you are tailgating, camping, or if you lose power during a blackout. We have batteries for everything else so why not your most valuable item, your iphone! Mophie sells these for over $100 but we found you one for under $40.














Extra Laptop Case

You can ever have to many of protective laptop cases. Your laptop is your life so protect it. We found this case for under $15 bucks when we price compared on BIGWORDS.COM.










USB Port / HUB

ipod, ipad, iphone, icamera, ipod shuffle, idontknow. How many items do you own that need to be charged with an USB cord? This USB port hub is perfect for multiple electronics so you can charge everything at once. Did we mention we found it for about $30 after we priced it on BIGWORDS.COM?













Portable iPod Player

I have this little player and I have to say it was one of my top favorite gifts from last Christmas. This portable ipod player has an amazing battery life and puts out some mega sound. Because it is so small you can easily toss it in your backpack and break it out during study breaks on the ol quad. We found it for $13.50.

Keep checking back as I price compare the best Christmas gifts for 2013 on BIGWORDS.COM.Got a request? Comment and I will find it for way below retail cost.

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