It’s Not Too Late For Me To Play Hockey


I hate to admit it, because it never earns me any points, but I’m not a major sports fan. And that’s probably an understatement. If you went to my parents’ house and saw all the pictures of me in uniforms from baseball to basketball and soccer from small kid to adolescent, you’d probably be surprised. This post is going to be embarrassingly personal and it’s already making me blush, but here it goes…

I hated playing most sports and basically went along with it under pressure from my parents, to make them happy. Meanwhile, I was mostly distracted or bored on most of the fields I was on. If you looked out, you could find me playing with the clay or grass most of the time. Soccer was my favorite of the three, because it was so active, but baseball… being on the field was not one of my favorite pastimes.

Despite all that, there was one sport that I was incredibly interested in that I came close to playing, but never did. That was ice hockey. For years, my friends and I would rollerblade in the neighborhood and play with roller hockey sticks and balls, imagining we were cutting the ice. Then, for years later, we would go to the local ice skating rink and skate around the rink to pop music, hoping the guards would blow their whistles at us for going too fast as our little 12 year old bodies sped past stumbling teenage dates.

We’d gotten really good and were going three or more times a week. We’d pressured our parents for hockey equipment but were told it was too expensive–maybe it was for a kid with quickly changing interests. My brother, my neighbor and I never played a single game of hockey and I have never forgiven our parents for it. So hah! Now, that that’s out there, let me take breath to ease the sudden shyness I am feeling.

Ok. Better! So, what better way to undo child-scarring than to address the issue head on. I may not be 12 anymore and will obviously never go pro, but whenever I go past a skating rink, I imagine playing rough with a group of sweaty dudes on the damp ice.

I went on BIGWORDS to do some product price comparisons to see what it would cost to outfit my old neighbor and I– both of us live in New York now and I’d love to convince him to take this on with me. I remember just what I need to order from head to toe because I obsessed over hockey equipment catalogues for years.

Luckily, I found that my friends at BIGWORDS already put together an Ice Hockey Products section together for my shopping ease.
They even had a sub-section for Player Equipment.

What I found is that we can each be on the ice for around $500. Not too expensive, Mom! Thanks BIGWORDS.

Just because I’m not a total sports freak doesn’t mean I don’t support you finding the best deals on your gear. So, if you’ve been thinking about getting back into a sport that you love but have been putting it off because you don’t have the equipment and fear spending too much on padding up, check out the Team Sports Products section on, which is under Sporting Goods and there you can find everything you’ll need in terms of Accessories | Action Sports | Bikes & Accessories | Boating & Water Sports | Clothing | Equestrian Sports | Exercise & Fitness | Fan Shop | Golf | Hunting & Fishing | Leisure Sports & Games | Other Sports | Outdoor Recreation | Paintball & Airsoft | Racquet Sports | Snow Sports | Team Sports , at the best possible price.


Play ball, brony!