Christmas and Holiday Gifts Under $20

This week I am featuring gifts under $20 dollars. Did you know every time you don’t price compare your holiday gifts on BIGWORDS.COM a reindeer cries? It’s true…


Tool Kit

OMG and it’s pink. This 39 piece tool kit is perfect for a college student. In the next few years you will be moving from dorm to apartment… to another apartment.. maybe in with your boyfriend.. then out again when you break up…then another apartment. Nothing is more annoying that not having the proper tools to put together your ikea table or hang framed pictures of your cat. This Apollo Precision Tool Kit is really the gift that keeps on giving and for $18 bucks it’s a steal.


The Naked Roommate

No one warns you of how it’s going to be when you move in with roommates for the first time. Yeah, you may be total “besties” but it can only take one time for that friend to eat all your cereal before you go mental on her. We love this book because it gives you expert advice for all things college including roommate troubles, finances, classes, dating and it’s hilarious. The Naked Roommate would be an excellent stocking stuffer. We found it for under $4 bucks!
















Microwave Pasta Cooker

We love pasta because it’s easy and cheap! The microwave pasta cooker is a perfect gift for anyone living in a dorm room. Make perfect pasta every time by pushing 1 button.  We found this excellent Christmas gift for under $7. They also have a rice version!


















Bubble Fish Tank

We love this Bubble Fish Tank! We found this fish bubble for $13 bucks and it even comes with LED lights that surround the bowl. Buy 3 to go above your bed or as a living room décor piece. Fish not included.


Rubbermaid Food Saver Kit

Food saving is key in college. I know tupperwear sounds boring but it really makes an amazing holiday gift. This Rubbermaid 24 piece collection is quality made and will last you through your college career. We recommend writing your name on the containers with a sharpie so food poaching roommates stay clear. We found this set for $13 bucks and it’s worth every penny.










We know you have a lot of friends and family to buy for so do the smart thing and price compare everything on BIGWORDS.COM. We will make sure you get the lowest possible price on all your holiday gifts.

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