Get Ready to Have Your Eyes Scorched! Ugly Sweaters Galore!

Being tacky is just one of the many fun things to be during the Holidays. We love a bad sweater and picked apart not only to find you the ugliest sweaters ever knitted, but also find these blemishes on society for extremely cheap prices.


 Ugly Seal Party Sweater

sealpartyParty party party until the killer whales come home!!! Haven’t you always wanted a group of seals raging on a sweater? Well now you can! It looks like they had a bit too much sardine grog…. whoops! Penguins sure know how to party. Who knew? Buy this ugly penguin sweater for 50% off via Bigwords.


 Dogs Gotta be Ugly Too Sweater

dogsweaterIs your dog sad he/she is left out of Hanukkah? Well not anymore! Your fancy paws pet can now join in on the festivities with this “Happy Hanukah” dog sweater. We found this adorable little number for under $10 bucks.


Light Up Hanukkah Menorah Sweater

chanukahsweater-lightupIT LIGHTS UP!!!! This is a perfect Hanukkah Sweater for your holiday party. LED lights illuminate the menorah which is controlled by a hidden remote…. Brilliant!!! I bet Bruce Willis wish he had this when he was trying to land that Boeing747 in Die Hard…remember?? When they had no power and the… well.. you know which scene I am talking about. We found it 20% off and it includes batteries.


Ugly Eye Scorching Penguin Sweater

penguinUgliest freakin’ sweater I’ve seen in a while. This hurts my eyes just looking at it. The best feature is that it fits a little loose so you can eat as much turkey, gravy, and pie without showing the immediate 5 pd food baby you have immaculately conceived in  your 4 hr binge eating fest. This Ugly Penguin Sweater could be yours for 40% off retail.


Best Ugly Sweater Award Ribbon

awardAnd the award for the ugliest sweater  goes tooooo!!!!! You ? Me?? Mom?? Uncle Ricky??? Waait.. uncle Ricky isn’t wearing a sweater .. that is body hair… and he is sauced up on egg nog.  Nevertheless, he should be rewarded for spreading holiday cheer! Make him feel appreciated with this Ugly Sweater Award. Only $6 when you price compare on Happy Holidays!