True Detective: Best Show Since Breaking Bad

In True Detective, McConaughey and Harrleson play Louisiana detectives investigating the trail of dead left behind by a serial killer that ends up spanning 17 years. Any fan of great dramas like HBO’s The Wire, AMC’s Breaking Bad, and fans of slow burn shows with a very gritty and realistic portrayal of character interaction and events will love this.

The story moves between 1995 and 2012. Cohle (McConaughhey) and Hart (Woody) find themselves being interviewed by new investigators who have a new murder very similar to the 1995 murder. These interviews reveal a great deal about both men. In-between the interviews we go with the detectives on their case in 1995. It is a creepy, awful murder, and we go with them through the bayous of Louisiana finding out the most horrifying details to a murder like no other. Order the complete season one for 30% off when you use

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