How College Students Make the Most Money from Used Textbooks

College students do one MAJOR thing that decides their financial fate the next 4 years and that is they buy, rent, and sell textbooks using As soon as your finals are over you should have 1 thing on your mind and that is offloading your $500-$800 worth of textbooks that you have been carrying around like Quazi Moto. College bookstores will have lines for days and when you finally reach the front of the “holy grail” of a checkout counter, the apathetic student employee will offer you, at best, 1/4th of what you paid. As your face contorts into a version of Claire Dane’s cry face from Homeland (please tell us you watch it), remember… you have way better options when you use


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Once you do this, you can enter your ISBN # and see everyone who wants to buy your book and wants to buy it right N O W. You can even use the bar scanning device on the app to see how cheap you can get next semesters books for because shows new, rented, and used book options all in one place with price comparison nationwide.



We challenge you to submit your ISBN #s to use either below in a comment, twitter, or facebook . We will prove to you that we can always find you the best price to sell back AND the lowest price to purchase (or rent) your textbooks.

*HOT TIP! The sooner you get rid of your textbooks the better price you will get. Hundreds of stores have begun restocking their shelves for fall. The longer you wait, the less you will get back for your used textbooks as stores gain inventory and your books won’t be as “highly sought after”.

ANNNND just incase you do not know what Claire Dane’s Homeland cry face looks like….