Make Money While Freeing Yourself From The Textbook Pileup

PileOfBooksNightstandThe best advice I could probably ever give you to save money on textbooks is to avoid the campus bookstore. Download the BIGWORDS app and list your old textbooks to sell instantly. Unlike the campus bookstore, BIGWORDS can get you about 90% back from what you originally paid for your textbooks this semester.

I understand that you don’t want to have to register with a bunch of online sites or services, or go from place to place to try to pawn your books before the end of the semester. In fact, after finals, all you want to do is just get out of town. But BIGWORDS makes selling textbooks easy, by putting everything in one place and working for you to sell your textbooks across dozens of other services. You only have to deal with us, and with our new app, it makes it even easier for you to scan, list, and sell your used textbooks online.

Campus bookstores feast upon students like vultures. It’s really a matter of “location, location, location.” They prey upon the lazy and those who seek convenience. They charge you way too much in the beginning of the semester, when it is time to buy textbooks and then give you next to nothing at the end of the semester when you come to sell them back. They get away with it by targeting the vulnerable; freshmen, and students with too much on their plate who are rushing to get out of town for winter or summer vacation.

The new BIGWORDS app is so easy to download and use that laziness is no longer an excuse to sell back your textbooks to the campus bookstore for peanuts.

Additionally, the new features in our app not only make it easier– they could even get you more money.

Barcode scanning instantly looks up your book by its UPC code– it also lets you go to the bookstore to scan there and see how much you could save or earn with BIGWORDS.

Furthermore, we added price alerts to the app that will let you know when the price of a book you’re looking for drops, OR when a book you own reaches it’s highest price in buyback season. This feature gives you the tools you need to be a better sales person and get more of a return on your textbook investment. That means more spending cash over the break.

So, work smarter, not harder. Be lazy. Be lazy all break long. But don’t be lazy and broke. Get money back for your college textbooks this buyback season by selling your used textbooks online with BIGWORDS.

Get the updated app for iPhone HERE and the updated app for Android HERE

originally published on 11-20-2013