Whether you are a River Rat or Pool Troll, We Got Epic Floats for Cheap

What comes right after finals? SUMMER POOL PARTIES!!!! The coolest most popular person at any summer rager is not the person who has a story about seeing Pharrell  do a set with Daft Punk at Coachella’s secret spaceship party at 4 am… PS if you don’t know what a “Coachella” is it’s not a furry crepuscular rodent that takes dirt baths. That is a Chin chilla. Anyways, my point is that to be the cool guy/girl at a summer pool party, you have to have the right equipment. Check out these epic pool floats we found using Bigwords.com for super cheap.


6 Person Inflatable Island with 2 Built-in Coolers

6islandThis 6 Person Inflatable Island is literally your own personal island. This float’s features include 2 contoured loungers, 2 built in coolers, 6 cup holders, a boarding dock, and a lounge area for 4. This float is perfect for a pool party or if you are planning on a river trip. Can you say “FLOATOPIA”?

Retails for $300  Bigwords found it for $130





MEGA Chill Floating Cooler

coolerThe mountains must ALWAYS be blue if you get what I am saying.  This cooler eliminates any reason to leave the pool and offers 6 cup holders and will hold 72 cans. It’s called the Mega Chill for a reason. Pick one up for cheap through Bigwords.com

Retail : $50  Bigwords found it for $17








aquaabarExcuse me…. 4 sun seats (which detache so if you hate the person who sits in one of them, just kick them away), 12 cup holders, and built in center cooler?? This AQUA Bar may be the best pool float we have ever seen for $34 bucks!

Retails for: $52  Bigwords found it for $34






Giant Inflatable Swan

swanThis Inflatable Swan rules and chicks will love it. That is all I have to say about that.

Retails for $53 Bigwords.com found it for $29.95







Sit N Float


sitnfloatNot in the mood to buy a pool float that several people can hang out on? No big deal! This Sit N Float is a water lounge chair that feels like a Lazy Boy.  The Sit N Float can hold a 250 lb man with no problem in a seated position in the water. Did we mention it has a cup holder too? SOLD!

Retails for $21.78 . Bigwords found it for $9.78







ANNNND you might want to consider getting this electric pump for all you inflatables. Blowing up that many large floats could cause you to pass out and miss the entire party.  It’s worth every bit of $32 bucks.