Cool summer gadgets for the beach and the boardroom


Whether you’re spending your summer pushing papers at an internship or lounging poolside every day, you’ll probably need more than that worn-out beer coozy or off-brand earbuds to make the most of the next few months. Luckily for you, no matter what your plans are, there are plenty of cool gadgets to spice things up and help you get through the dog days of summer with a little pizzazz.  Below are a few of our favorites!

Portable AC controller – Do you want to save on electric bills this summer, but can’t bear coming home to an 80 degree house after work? You don’t have to. Nest makes a “smart controller” that learns a person’s temperature preferences and can adjust itself accordingly throughout the day. Additionally, you can remotely change the thermostat from a mobile device, so you can make sure that your house is as cool as you want the moment you walk in the door.

Waterproof speakers – Nothing spices up a pool party like a great music mix – but setting your expensive mini-Bose speakers down by the water might not be the best idea. EcoXGear produces a line of durable, waterproof speakers that are ideal for everything from a beachside bonfire to your trip to the lake. The speakers are not just waterproof – they also float, so feel free to carry it with you as you cruise down the river.

Commuter Headphones – Trying to drown out the noise of crowds and subway trains can be a challenge while trekking through the city, but is often absolutely essential to enduring a commute. TechHive recently ranked some of the best headphones for commuters and included a variety of prices and styles. So, whether you’re a high-roller investment banker this summer or working at a local fast food joint, there are plenty of options for playing your tunes within your budget.

Solar-powered phone charger – Anyone who’s ever run out of cell phone juice on the beach knows just how annoying it can be to lose power without an outlet in sight. Brown Dog Gadgets has solved this problem for us by developing a line of solar-powered charges for phones and tablets. Just spread it out in the sun and plug in to give your iPad new life!

HAPIFork – Summer is full of barbecues, picnics and parties – all which can lead us to snack too much and lose those bikini bodies we’ve worked so hard for. The HAPIFork helps us keep portions in control by enabling you to monitor and manage your eating habits. The fork lights up and vibrates if you’re eating too fast, and measures other information that can help you manage your eating habits.

Binoculars with digital camera – Afraid that the zoom feature on your phone just won’t cut it during this summer’s visit to the Grand Canyon? You’re in luck! Barska’s Point ‘N View Binoculars enable you to capture the view you want and remember it forever with an 8.0 megapixel camera. And they’re surprisingly affordable!

Briefcase Barbecue Set – While we wouldn’t recommend bringing this into the office for an afternoon “cook-in,” this cool compact charcoal grill is small, easy to transport and clean, and ideal for everything from a picnic to a beachside bonfire.

Flexible wine glasses – Are you the person who turns up her nose at tapping a keg, but also feels like drinking wine from a Solo cup just isn’t the same as a nice glass? While many public beaches and parks ban glass, you can keep things classy with a set of silicone wine glasses. They’re unbreakable, easy to transport and dishwasher safe.

Are there any summer gadgets you can’t live without?