The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 4th of July “Gotta Haves” (Under $25)

Happy 4 day weekend and summer pool party kick off season! We price compared and found the good, the bad, and the ugly Fourth of July looks that are below $25 bucks. Where else can you get an American Flag bikini and an awesome patriot vest for that cheap? All prices shown below are results from using to price compare. We always find what you are searching for at a discount! Happy Fourth of July!

American Flag Sunglasses: $5.00





You gotta have a pair of shades at the pool. How else can you stare at all the babes without being caught? Pick these Patriotic shades up for $5.





Ugly Patriot Vest: $4.40








SO ugly it hurrrtttttssss..but for under $5 it sort of rules.






Hot Babe American Flag Bikini: $22.09







Don’t be like every other girl and go to Target to get your American Flag bikini! Pick up this one for under $25.






American Man Board Shorts: $21.95



WIN!!!! Can’t beat a pair of American flag board shorts for under $21.95!

Embarrassing Patriotic Puppy Outfit: $13.99






For those of us who enjoy embarassing our dog by cost effective means. This Patriotic Pup outfit will get the job done for cheap.








Red White and Blue USA Pool Float: $10.99




Typically 4th of July parties indicate to bring your own beer and a side. Don’t forget to bring your own float to the mix too.