Best 5 Beach Gadgets of 2014

I am not one of those who can bake in the sun for 6 hours and not have some entertainment. I want music, my iphone, and some light reading all while having the option to get out of the harsh rays to take a nap.  We put together the top 5 beach gadgets  that will help your electronics combat the most hazardous beach entities which are sand, water, and sun.

WakaWaka USB Solar Charger for All Smartphones 











The WakaWaka Solar Charger can fully charge any smart phone in 2 hours using the cosmic rays of the sun. Never be “beached” without your iphone or droid ever again! We found it $20 cheaper than most retailers through


Braven-Braven Waterproof Speaker System










We found the Braven-Braven Waterproof Speaker System for 50% lower than asking price when we searched for it on This waterproof boom box delivers all the boom you can handle and has a 12 hour battery life. If you are at the beach for more than 12 hours, you are insane.


Liquid Image Snorkel Video Camera & Camera









Wide angle video camera embedded into a diving mask captures what you see, for easy “hands free” photography while snorkeling and diving to 130ft/40m deep. Ditch your under water disposable camera. This Liquid Image Snorkel Camera is the real deal in taking under water video and photos and we found it for 50% lower than it retails.


 Waterproof Kindle Case












Gross sunscreen hands and splashing are totally fine if you have a Waterproof Kindle Case protecting your personal reading device. You can even take this bad boy under water up to 6 ft ….you know.. just in case you want to read under water like most people.  We found it 33% cheaper using


Beach Tent













Hit the snooze button and relax in this UV protected Beach Tent for $15 bucks! This light weight tent packs down to nothing yet provides the best shade on the beach as well as protect your heat sensitive electronics.  Mesh windows and storm flaps allow air flow through the tent while you slumber. This tent measures 48 by 84 by 48 inches (W x H x D) so there is plenty of room for your new boom box and a cooler full of Coors Light.