Announces BIGDEALS – Crowdsourced Coupons For/From/Of the Masses


We had to do it. We had to be the best search engine on the planet.

Today we’re happy to announce our newest addition to Drum ro….ahh we can’t wait! It’s a brand spanking new Crowdsourced And Curated Coupon Search Engine (CACCSE)!

A what?

You heard us.

Our CACCSE™  (now integrated into our already amazing multi-item price comparison search engine (our MIPCSE™, obviously), is granting our users – our most trusted compatriots – the ability to share coupons with us…..



In our new coupon section, users are now able to search for coupons by store or category and browse current coupons, as well as “suggest a coupon” by manually entering any valid discounts they’ve come across online. So if you’ve found a coupon that hasn’t been added yet, ADD IT! Sharing discounts helps create a HUGE database of coupons for EVERYONE!

Here’s how it works.

First, you’ll want to mosey over to BIGWORDS’ coupon section and click “Add Coupon”


, we’ll make sure you’re logged in or register you if you’re not. When we’ve got you Uber-catalogued, you can go ahead and fill in the blanks elementary school style to enter your coupon (coupons will be subject to approval)….


When your coupon has been approved, you can check it out on the site….make sure it looks real good.


Success! If the coupon is up there, it’s ready to be used. That means anyone who searches the store Brookestone in the coupon section will come across your coupon. Hey thanks! AND! Anyone who does a Brookstone product search on BIGWORDS, say for a virtual Tron-like keyboard…


will see that the coupon has been automatically integrated into our MIPCSE™! Look at that, you just helped someone get their cool-weird keyboard at the lowest price on the internet. They’re sure to return the favor!

So there you have it. BIGWORDS already saves $1,000 a year on textbooks. And now with the addition of coupons (automatically calculated to save you the most money), BIGWORDS will help students save muchos on everything under the ☀!

Click here to share your favorite store’s coupons

Ready to get started on your textbook shopping? There’s a good chance we could already have the coupon you need – perfectly prepared to give you only the best price on the web. Beep beep boop…