Is BookRenter Reliable?


Summer is flying by and with the fall semester approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how you can save the most money on college textbooks this year…

After doing some research you might have determined that renting at least some of your college books is a great option. So then, the big question is: Which service do I use?

You have plenty to choose from, including one that says it all in its name: BookRenter. Rated one of the “best textbook rental sites,” BookRenter was a pioneer in the textbook rental business, establishing the first online service. Currently the second-largest Internet textbook retailer – with more than 5.5 million titles available – the company is a reliable vendor with several flexible rental plans, so you don’t get stuck with a super-long commitment on a book you only need for a six-week course. In addition to free shipping on orders more than $25 and an easy return policy, you have free range to write in and highlight textbooks rented through BookRenter. BookRenter makes the process incredibly easy and you can treat the books just like your own – without going through the process of selling them back when you’re done with them.

Despite its name, BookRenter isn’t restricted to textbook rentals – it also sells books, so you can buy textbooks if that’s more your speed. The site boasts low prices on both new and used books, and you can get some great deals on cheap textbooks through the vendor.

While the reviews on the Internet are mixed, it’s important to keep in mind that this is par for the course these days. It’s rare you’ll find a company with anything other than a combination of applause and gripes. BookRenter is a reliable site through which to buy books and thousands of customers have had great experiences since the company’s inception in 2006. What’s more, BookRenter recently partnered with Staples, which certainly speaks to its cachet within the industry.

But, before you jump the gun and decide to rent or purchase college textbooks through a specific vendor, don’t forget to use BIGWORDS first. BookRenter is a vendor that often shows up in our search results. By searching your textbook rentals on BIGWORDS, you’ll be able to compare ALL vendor rental prices in one spot, to see if BookRenter is really your best bet or if there is another site that has your textbook for less. This in turn will save you the headache and time of price comparing across several different sites. And you know what that means: More precious minutes to lay poolside before summer is over.

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