Stressed About The Additonal Cost Of Summer School Textbooks? Don’t be!

Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy textbooks rather than rent. Sometimes it cheaper to rent textbooks than sell it back and pay the re-stocking fee. Sometimes it’s easier just to buy it new! It’s so confusing and so much time would be wasted to explore these options if BIGWORDS didn’t exist. When you type in your required textbook’s ISBN #,  BIGWORDS’ database pulls all online prices and organizes them to show you what your cheapest option will be. We also show you the highest price a retailer is willing to pay for this book if you are trying to figure out how much you can sell it for when you are done.


In the example above, the best option is to buy the book used for $9.27 and sell it back after you are done for $4.05. The summer school reading list book in this example would only cost you $5.22. Please be reminded this is a small example and we encourage you to enter in your ISBN # for all textbooks including the most expensive.

BIGWORDS is a unique search engine because it has the capability to search for all online coupons, special offers and cheapest shipping. BIGWORDS is able to automatically add all these discounts to your book’s final price so you never miss out on getting the lowest priced textbook.


The only way you will find out what the best option is for you is by typing in your ISBN # into BIGWORDS’ database and see where you can save the most money. You might be pleasantly surprised with how little you end up paying for textbooks each semester.