College Items You Most Likely Forgot to Buy


One of our favorite things to do at is search our site for items students need…

and calculate how much money we can save them by price comparing the items on all sites at once, adding coupons, and finding free shipping. Lately we have seen a surge in coupons being added to which have been resulting in saving students 45% on all back to school items! Give us a whirl because the worst thing that can happen is we save you some $!

Noise Canceling Headphones


This may be the #1 item you will want when moving into your new dorm or apartment.  Between your roommate’s weekly break ups and the parties that 801 are throwing you will be begging for these Noise Cancelling Headphones!  A 757 could be landing in your room and you wouldn’t even know it with these on.  This particular pair was found for $52.00 on which is a great deal compared to full retail price of $200 when searching individual retailers.


Sonic BOOM Alarm Clock


“But there is an app for that”. YEAH RIGHT!!! Snoozin’ past your 9:30 am class is a weekly struggle especially if you are going out most nights. Do yourself a favor and pick up this Sonic BOOM Alarm Clock at a 30% lower than retail using  This alarm clock will rattle your windows. Note, purchase and throw under your roommate’s bed if they ever tick you off. Set alarm for 4:15 am and enjoy their misery!


Fridge Locker

fridge locker

NO! That was not a pack of wild raccoons that rummaged through your weekly grocery supply. That was your loser roommate who came home at 3 am who ate all your snack packs! UGH!!! Yeah you may look like a freak for buying this Fridge Locker but at least you won’t be a freak who starves to death.  Spending $20 to secure hundreds of dollars of groceries is worth it!


Keurig Cappuccino & Latte Maker


Did you know the average student spend roughly $780 a year on Starbucks? $85 of that is during finals week alone.  We searched for the best deal on this name brand Keurig Cappuccino and Latte Brewing System and found one for $120! Kohls sells the exact same one for $279.99 plus tax and shipping costs.  With 4.5 out of 5 star product rating, you will have this machine for the rest of your collegiate career and more.


Bedside Storage Caddy


Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up and not panic with the thought “WHERE IS MY PHONE?”. We love this Bedside Storage Caddy because it organizes your textbooks, US Weekly mags, reading glasses, and your beloved iphone right beside your favorite place, your bed. Get it this organizer for 25% lower than most retailers when you search on