Get Ready For The School Year With These Dorm Room Essentials


Whether you’re dreading the new school year or psyched to get back to your life on-campus, summer is coming to a close. Unless you’re a returning student who has the whole “move-in day scene” down, you might be a little lost in regard to what you need to complete your dorm room. While there won’t be any shortage of van Gogh posters for you to purchase at campus kick-off events to become the ultimate freshman cliché, there are some items that you should pick up before move-in day.

If you’re new to this, it’s important to keep one rule in mind: Keep it simple. Dorm rooms are small and cramming it full of stuff will make for a very uncomfortable school year – especially if you have a roommate. Below is a list of a few things you should make sure to pick up before moving in. And, don’t forget to search on BIGWORDS before going to a retail outlet – we’ll help you find the best deals and save more money!


  • Mini-fridge. While the dining hall is full of meals and goodies, you’ll probably want to keep light snacks and drinks in your room to fuel your late-night cram sessions. Some schools rent out mini-fridges, but in the event yours doesn’t, you’ll definitely want to purchase one for all of those Red Bulls and Snickers bars.
  • Shower shoes and caddy. For those of you unlucky enough to be subjected to a communal shower, preparation is key. Get yourself a cheap pair of flip-flops to wear while you bathe and a carrying case for your shampoo, conditioner and soap. You definitely don’t want to be the fool lugging multiple bottles in your arms as you walk down the hall.
  • Small storage bins. In most dorm rooms, closet space is limited. While it’s likely you’ll have a desk and dresser, if you’re a clothes horse or a pack rat, you probably won’t have enough room for all of your stuff. Storage bins can help you solve this problem – but make sure to get small bins that can easily fit underneath your bed. Stacking a bunch of plastic bins in a corner of your room is a sure-fire way to start your first roommate fight.
  • Mattress pad. College beds could give prison mattresses a run for their money as far as discomfort is concerned. Investing in a mattress pad – like an egg crate – can make all of the difference between sweet dreams and tossing and turning all night. And, with that in mind, pick up some cheap earplugs at the drug store – college dorms can be like an all-hours club, with noisy hallways until the sun comes up.
  • Television. Although many schools offer cable as a part of your dorm expenses, many do not have individual televisions in each room. If you are an appointment viewer or like a little background noise when you study, it’s up to you to provide your own. Keep in mind, your room will be small, so it’s unrealistic to march up to your new home with a 60” monitor.