College Football Tailgating: Expert Edition

College football season is in full swing. Do you have what it takes to tailgate like a boss? We put together a list of stuff you probably don’t even know exists to take your college football pre gaming to the next level.

20 Ft Flag Pole

flagq In a sea of cars and millions of people wearing the same colored clothes it will be difficult for your guests to find you. We recommend this 20 Ft Flag Pole which we found 40% off retail price. Make it extra awesome by making your own personalized flag.

Go Plates

cupplate The Go Plate is one of our favorite inventions for tailgating. These sturdy, reusable, plastic plates are perfect for when you have limited table space and seating. The plate fits over bottles, cans, cups & select wine glasses. Simply remove beverage to drink…or not. Spilling your salsa all over your face might be how you like to “party”. It’s really up to you. Grab a pack of 10 for $15.

Deluxe Grilling Table

grilltable The Deluxe Grilling Table is great for tailgating and backyard football parties. It’s compact structure is the best solution to a tight grilling space such as a parking spot in a sea of people. Additional hooks and paper towel holder on the side are included to hold all of your grilling utensils. By folding down to only 6inches tall, it is easily storable. This super organized grilling aid can be yours for $82 and shipping is free.

Insta-Bench Extra Seating

instabench Chicks don’t like to stand up for long periods of time. Make them stick around longer by providing extra seating at your tailgate party. This bench can hold up to 6 fatigued ladies at once and can also double as a nap zone if needed. Instead of wasting money of several  bulky fold up chairs, grab this Insta-Bench for 83 bucks with free shipping.

Omaker Outdoor Speakers

speaker Omaker Outdoor Speakers are shock proof, water proof, and basically all around idiot proof.  Spill beer on it or hit it with a football? That is ok! This particular speaker is pretty indestructible. Rechargeable built-in lithium battery offers up to Enjoy up to 8 hours of uninterrupted playtime with a single charge. NFC technology,built-in microphone can also be used as hand-free speakerphone. This blue tooth device syncs to your Pandora or your Spotify playlists and ca be yours for over 70% off retail at $27 bucks.