Fall Into Autumn With These Dorm Room Essentials

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If you’ve emerged from your cave to venture outside, you’ve probably noticed that the air feels and smells a little different. Fall is definitely upon us! As fun as summer is, many of us welcome the opportunity to walk 100 feet without sweating like we’ve just run a marathon. Besides, it’s always fun to get to change up your wardrobe based on a new season – and everyone knows that fall clothes are the cutest. But if you really want to get into the “fall spirit,” you can always spruce up the 50 feet of dorm room space you share with your roommate with a few seasonal items. Below is a list of fun, seasonably appropriate pieces to get you in the fall spirit. And, best of all, you can sip a Pumpkin Spice Latte or pumpkin-flavored beer from the comfort of your own home while you shop because all of stuff listed below is available through BIGWORDS!

Autumn Wreath Yankee Candle


Bring the smells of fall into your home with one of Yankee Candle’s many scents inspired by this season. The candle maker has a plethora of options to get into the spirit of the season – like Spiced Pumpkin, Apple Cider, November Rain and Cranberry Chutney – but we recommend Autumn Wreath, which combines the spicy warmth of autumn leaves and cinnamon apple.

Available in a variety of sizes and prices through BIGWORDS.


Wandafull Pumpkin LED lights


Although these are described as “romantic” and for use as a nightlight, we mostly just think they’re cool. These LED lights are available in a variety of colors and don’t give off any heat, so they’re safe and smokeless.

Available for $13.97 through BIGWORDS


Fall leaf window clings

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Window clings of leaves and acorns will not only get you in the fall spirit, they will enable you to detect your window from afar – you know, in case you want to yell something up at your roommate without trudging up four flights of stairs. And if you’re as geeky as us, you and your roommate can come up with secret codes based on how you arrange them – you know, all acorns on the left corner means “studying” and leaves lined up along the top could signal “I’m getting it on.” (Note: If you are the type of person to rearrange window clings into codes, you’re probably not getting any.)

Available for $4.99 through BIGWORDS.


Leaf design bottle openers


Do we even need to explain why these are awesome? Didn’t think so.

Available for .77 through BIGWORDS.


Autumn throw pillow


Chances are that if you live in a dorm room, friends end up chilling on your bed when they come over to hang out. And as anyone who’s had to hang out on another person’s bed knows, pillows are the key to comfort. Get in the fall spirit with a few decorative throw pillows. We have a bunch on our site, but we like this one from TFS.

Available for $9.86 through BIGWORDS.


Fall leaf wire garland


Don’t restrict your decorations to the inside of your dorm room, where only a lucky few will see them. Bring the party outside by stringing fall leaf wire garland along the perimeter of the door. You’ll be the envy of everyone on your floor. (Maybe. Ok, probably not, but we think it’s cool.)

Available for $15.93 through BIGWORDS.