Spotify Ranks Which College’s Students Listen To The Coolest Music


If you think you’re flying under the radar with that embarrassing “boy bands” music channel you have programmed on your computer, think again. Spotify recently conducted a project that sought to determine the listening habits of students at various colleges and universities nationwide. The online music radio broke down the types of music and times of day students stream to evaluate who has the “hippest” taste in artists, which is the “angriest,” and even who goes to bed the earliest. Some of the more “fun” findings from the study include:


Happiest: Iowa State



Students at Iowa State keep their energy up with upbeat tunes like “Turn Down For What,” “Problem”, “We Dem Boyz” and “Fancy.” The school was closely followed by Virginia Poly Tech, University of Georgia and University of Alabama.


Most Relaxed: University of Colorado at Boulder



Marijuana is legal in Colorado – is there any surprise here? Students in Boulder are fans of the trip hop genre, Slightly Stupid and Flume.


Hippest: New York University



Yeah, we get it – you’re effortlessly cool, NYU students. According to Spotify, the school is full of hipsters who prefer the stylings of James Blake, The Strokes and Mac Demarco.


Earliest Risers: Cornell University


It’s no surprise that Ivy Leaguers rise and shine early to meet all of the commitments of their days. Spotify’s data shows that listening among Cornell students spikes between six and seven in the morning, when many college students are just turning in for the night. But kudos to you, Cornell – students there show a strong dislike for Justin Bieber.


Most Likely to Go to Bed Early: Brigham Young University


Because, after all, when sex, drugs and alcohol are off the menu, what reason is there to stay up late?


Angriest: Purdue University


Why so angry, Purdue? Students here are listening to a lot of skate punk and music categorized as “fast, angry and energetic,” while shunning Beyonce. Maybe they need to take some lessons from the Boulder kids to learn how to chill out.


Most Likely to Stream Latin Music: University of Pennsylvania




Most Likely to Stream Country Music: University of Alabama


And the world makes sense again.