Cheap and thoughful Christmas gift ideas for the broke college student

If you’re someone who doesn’t have access to unlimited funds – in other words, if you’re the typical college student – the prospect of holiday shopping can be really daunting. You probably can’t afford a designer handbag for your mother or a new 3D for your dad. Unfortunately, wrapping up a pack of ramen or coupon for a free car wash for your sibling and calling it a day more than likely won’t go over well, so you might be running into a bit of a wall shopping-wise. Have no fear! We have a few ideas to help for the college student on a budget to ensure that you’re not the family deadbeat at this year’s holiday gathering.



  • Books. Getting someone a copy of a book that you think the person would love is a really thoughtful and timeless gift – and buying someone a novel that means something to you is even better. If you want to make it even more personal, include a hand-written inscription on the inside cover. Don’t forget to search for the title you want on BIGWORDS before visiting a traditional bookstore – we’ll find you the best prices available! Check out some recently released best sellers for a quick gift pick.
  • Beauty supplies. You don’t need to shop at the Chanel counter to get the woman in your life something special. The Burt’s Bees Beauty Kit, l.f. 22-Piece On-the-Go Palette and Real Techniques Core Collections Set are all available for around $10 through BIGWORDS. And you won’t be skimping on quality – all of these brands are well-respected within the industry and have favorable reviews from users.

  • Coffee mugs. No, we’re not talking about a corny “#1 Dad” mug for your father’s morning cup of Joe. Coffee mugs these days range from the quirky to the creative to the crass. To find one that suits your friend or family member, just do a simple search on BIGWORDS. Good luck not picking up something for yourself, while you’re at it!

  • Games. Sure, you could go for a classic, like Clue or Guess Who? Or … you could find something a little more fun and quirky. Ever wondered what it would be like to get a ping pong tournament going in your dorm’s common area? Buy your buddy a portable ping pong set and make that dream a reality. A deck of Cards Against Humanity is a great “group” gift to give to all of your roommates – and it will keep you all occupied for many rainy nights to come.

  • 1379_game_of_thrones_wax_seal_coasters_in_use

    • Coasters. Once upon a time, coasters were boring. These days, they serve as a decoration and expression of one’s identity. Whether your loved one is a Game of Thrones aficionado or goes for a more sophisticated look, we have plenty of options to choose from on BIGWORDS.

    • Flingshot Slingshot Screaming Monkey. This really requires no explanation.