All College Girls Need to Read This: How to Have the BEST New Year’s Eve Ever

I’ve personally survived 5 college New Year’s Eves in my pursuit of a 4 year degree (don’t judge me, I went to UCF aka “U Can’t Finish”).  In this time span I was able to perfect my NYE kit to be super functional, reliable, and also learned a thing or two about how to survive with my dignity. Take a look at these tips and tricks to make sure you don’t end up on an embarrassing instagram or end up in jail.

A Buddy System in Place


Never party solo. It’s just the rules. If you haven’t already, start organizing your babe brigade via Facebook and pre-plan an exit and accountability plan. It’s a great idea to have dinner a few days before NYE and discuss designated drivers, what to do if Jessica has too many drinks, and what to do if you get separated.

Car Service App 


I prefer Uber. Click HERE to see if your city provides the super inexpensive and fast car service. Not only is it cheaper than a cab, the car service also shows you who is picking you up, what car they have, license #, and you are able to send anyone a text via the app showing your EXACT ETA with map and real time movement of the vehicle.  Since your CC is on file, the fare will auto deduct from your account. No tips allowed with Uber so you don’t have to have any cash on hand. Enjoy a  FREE ride on us at with FREE ride coupons:

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You won’t get charged a dime. Happy New Year!

If a friend offers you a ride and you have the slightest bit of uncertainty if they are 100% sober BREATH-A-LYZE them! If they (or you) blow over the legal limit, use the Uber app or have a taxi service already programed into your phone.  A DUI costs $10,000 but this Pocket Breathalyzer costs $30. I don’t think I need to go over the other possibilities that could happen if riding in a car with a drunk driver…I know you are all too smart to even think about it.

Sequin Party Dress (A GOOD ONE)

Aren’t sequins awesome? Urban Outfitters, Revolve, H&M, and more don’t put their NYE party dresses on sale until after the New Year. I typed in “sequin dress” on and was bombarded with name brand dresses like this Parker Sequin Chevron Dress. This dress costs $400 at Bloomingdales and on but we found it for $200 with FREE expedited delivery using our price comparison site.

Not good on heels? Forget that you have to cross your legs at all times while sitting in a dress? Terrible dancer who thinks they are as good as Beyoncé after 4 lemon drops? If the answer is yes, you NEED these Sequin Booty Shorts. Having complete confidence that your bits and pieces are covered at all times is priceless and when you fall (and you will fall), other girls will say “Ohh did you see how cute those sequin booty shorts are!?”.  It’s good to be envied and for $12 it would be crazy not to pick up this extra bit of insurance.

4 inch heels are totally HOT but get real girlfriend, you will be hobbling like Bambi on ice by midnight. Save yourself the embarrassment and throw a pair of slip on flats in your purse.  We found these Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats for $3.00 using site to price compare. They are guaranteed to keep you dancing allllllllll night long!

Other Tips on How to Enjoy NYE:

  • Never leave a drink unattended
  • Never leave a party without telling your buddy
  • Never take anything from a stranger
  • Have at least $20-100 in your purse/wallet
  • Drink plenty of water and make sure to eat before you go out
  • Try to slam a coconut water when you get home and take 2 Tylenol
  • Make sure to program the #’s to at least 3 cab companies in your cell phone just in case you are stranded.
  • And last but not least… DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

Share this amongst your girls and feel free to leave any tips and tricks for students below on how to make this NYE the best one yet!