Best Gifts for the Most Difficult Picky and Sometimes Annoying People in Your Life: Family

Christmas is in less than two weeks and if we know you, you are so busy with finals that you have not had even a millisecond to think of good gift ideas. Don’t worry; we have put together a list of amazing gifts for the most difficult, picky, and sometimes annoying people in your life: Family.

The Mom You Can’t Figure Out


You know the type! You call home and they ask the same questions over and over again making you feel like you are in the movie Ground Hog’s Day. These women are the sweetest yet hard to shop for cause it’s hard to really know what they like because they love everything you do.  Getting her something quality doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. We found some beautiful Cashmere Scarfs by price comparing on What we like best about this item is “one size fits all” so you won’t have to know her exact mom jeans size or offend her with the wrong size.  Love ya MA!

The Narcissistic Little Sister


You have no idea what planet she is from but she IS your sister.  Give her something she actually wants with this Socialmatic Instant Camera by Polaroid.  Your favorite little narcissi can now instant upload photos to facebook, twitter, and Instagram while also printing the pic with the best filter (not kelvin..never kelvin). With a 4.5-Inch Full Color LCD Touchscreen she will finally be able to achieve the perfect selfie.

Sophisticated Dad


“Dad” is the hardest man to shop for because he never gives you any ideas…ever. If he wants something, he goes and buys it for himself making you really have to scrape your brain to find a good gift for him. The sophisticated dad would never expect the Ice Ball Maker. When you go to a fancier whiskey place, they typically will use sphere shaped ice which melts a lot slower than normal ice. This helps to not dilute the higher priced whiskey/bourbon/scotch. If your dad is a consumer of higher grade spirits, he’d love this gift. You can also add a set of whiskey glasses to spruce up the gift.

The Loud Mouth Brother


Oh cool… your favorite family member who loves to rat you out to mom and dad every time you come home from college. Get him to shut it with these Beats by Dre Wireless Headphones (found $100 off retail). Well worth the money, the Beats by Dre headphones have a 4.2 star rating based off 334 reviews. These headphones are literally the best on the market. Powered by a pair of AAA batteries, the noise cancellation feature in a pair of Beats Studio headphones amplifies the music as it blocks out noise, giving you consistently powerful and intense sound. Take calls, skip songs and adjust volume right from the cord of your Beats Studio headphones. They are a bit pricey even when we found them discounted so consider going in on the gift with your other siblings.

The Sweetest Grandma


Such a saint! She is the sweetest woman in the family and you want to get her something amazing.  We recommend some cozy  slippers like these Bear Paw Sheepskin Suede Slipper with Grip. The older we get the less circulation we have which renders the hands and feet a little colder than normal. Giving her a thoughtful gift like this will ultimately make you the favorite, as if you weren’t already.