Holiday Films To Keep In Your Movie Collection Forever And Ever

It’s official: The holidays are here! And just because you’re (sorta) grown up doesn’t mean you don’t get excited every time Elf is on TV. Holiday movies are one of the best things about this time of year and BIGWORDS has the best deals on all the flicks you need for a movie marathon. Below are some of our top picks to add to your collection of holiday classics.

A Christmas Story



Sure, TNT usually runs a 24-hour marathon of this movie, but who wants to deal with commercials? Pick up your own copy and throw “A Christmas Story” themed party, encouraging your friends to dress up as everything from the leg lamp to Ralphie’s mean teacher.

Home Alone



Who didn’t spend hours with their friends, debating whether Marv or Harry got it worse? This collection includes every film in the Home Alone franchise to keep you occupied for hours.

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas



Whether you’re loyal to the original, animated Dr. Seuss classic or you prefer Jim Carrey’s wacky later installment, we have plenty of Whos for you.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation



Twenty-five years after its original release, this film can still make even the biggest scrooge laugh out loud.

Rudolph, Frosty, Santa and the gang



No, this isn’t the name of some big movie you managed to miss in your youth. These cartoons and Claymation films all seem to go together – and even come together in one boxed set.




Will Farrell as a human raised by elves? Perhaps the best concept for a holiday film ever.

The Santa Clause



Probably every kid thinks that having Santa as a parent would be the coolest thing ever. This movie is about just that. After Santa falls off the Calvins’ roof, the family’s patriarch discovers that it’s now his responsibility to take over the role of Santa.


Bad Santa



This film goes against the holiday film grain in one big way: It’s flat-out offensive. It’s also totally hilarious and can break up the monotony of cheesy movies.

It’s a Wonderful Life



No holiday movie collection is complete without this Jimmy Stewart classic.


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