Why was Chrissy Teigen Crying? Because She Knows How Much Students Have To Pay For Textbooks

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We love twitter but lately we have seen so many students “suffering” like model Chrissy Teigen at the Golden Globes, because they are spending way too much on their textbooks. If only she knew that students could use BIGWORDS.COM to find used textbooks or to rent textbooks. It’s okay Chrissy, we’re trying to save them all, we just need a little help spreading the word. If you know someone suffering from “OMGIJUSTSPENTATRILLIONONTEXTBOOKSITIS”, let them know we exist. See how easy it is to use our site below!

I tried to look up one of my textbooks from a college bookstore this morning.  It’s a book I really hate.. I mean HATE. Spending any money at all on this textbook drives me nuts BUT I have to have it.  This textbook (from an “un named” college bookstore) is going to cost me $106 – $141 plus shipping and handling.  Ummmm no right? I mean that is insane! It’s a textbook I will use for one month.  Thank goodness for BIGWORDS. See that ISBN # below?



I typed that into the search on BIGWORDS.com and BOOM











I found I can rent this textbook for $38 bucks and get FREE shipping which saves me gas/time/money/ a trip to a place I loathe. This is a savings of $68-$103 bucks!

BIGWORDS.com can save you hundreds each semester. We price compare every online bookstore to find you the best prices with new textbooks, used textbooks, and even find places to let you rent textbooks. If there is free shipping, we will find it. If there is a coupon, we will find it. Give us a shot! When you are ready to sell those textbooks back, we find you the best price to sell them back at too. You are soooo welcome.


Chrissy btw handled her new found meme’ness like a champ.

“Sorry I don’t practice my cry face okay. It’s been 5 minutes and I’m a meme.”.


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