Get All Of Your Spring Break Essentials – And Non-Essentials – Through BIGWORDS



If you have the winter blues, take solace in knowing that Spring Break is around the corner. Whether you’re planning to party on an exotic beach, hit the slopes or have the best staycation ever, we have everything you need to make Spring Break 2015 the best ever.


Fun in the sun – That all-inclusive package in Jamaica was just too good to pass up, right? From sunglasses to sunscreen, make sure you’re prepared. And while you’re picking up the essentials, pick up a cute beach tote, a stylist coverup and coozy to keep your drinks cold all week long.


Hitting the slopes – If you’ve opted for an active week of skiing and snowboarding, you’ll definitely need to invest in a pair of sturdy goggles and warm socks. BIGWORDS has tons of ski jackets and pants that you can find through a quick search for ski apparel. And, you definitely don’t want to miss flying down the mountain in this mask.


Building houses – If you’re spending your break volunteering with an organization on campus, kudos to you! Although the volunteer organization will probably provide you with all of the tools you need, it is worth it to pick up a basic toolbelt, gloves to avoid painful blisters and work

Staycation – If you’re being responsible enough to stay home and save money, then you deserve to treat yourself a bit. BIGWORDS is your #1 source for the best deals on books and DVDs, so order a couple of good novels and some movies to get you through the week. And if you’re hanging with friends in the dorms, it can’t to order a couple of games like Cards Against Humanity and Jenga to pass the time.

Sightseeing – If you’re traveling around, checking out museums and historical ruins, you need to make sure that you have good walking shoes, a secure case for your passport, cash and credit cards, and a camera more sophisticated than your smart phone. If you’re traveling to a place where you’ll need to check out things from a distance, it might be a good idea to pick up a pair of binoculars.