TV series to satisfy your nostalgia


Recently, Jimmy Fallon excited 90’s kids worldwide when he reunited (most of) the Saved by the Bell cast for a skit parodying the hit television show. In the skit, Jessie gets “so excited,” Slater (with his trademark mullet) shows us some of his famous dance moves, and we find out that Zack has knocked up teen queen Kelly. This mini-reunion of course left fans wanting more and while we haven’t heard anything about another reunion, if you happen to be Netflix-less, you can whet your appetite for all things Bayside with the complete series on DVD, which we found on BIGWORDS for as low as $32.09.

And while you’re holding your breath waiting for reunions of some of your other favorite shows, we have entire series collections of tons of your favorite shows. What better way to remember a simpler time?


Friends – Rumors of a Friends reunion have swirled for years and although the cast hasn’t completely shot it down, they’ve said that it would be hard to coordinate their schedules to make it happen.


The Office – It’s only been a few years since Dwight and Angela rode off into the sunset, but nothing beats the magic of Jim and Pam’s “will they/won’t they” storyline in the early seasons.


Full House – Cast members from this series still keep in touch and have min-reunions for things like birthdays all of the time – minus the Olsen twins, who are too busy being billionaires to be bothered with the show that launched them into stardom.


LOST – We have to go baaaaaaaaccccckkkk!! To watching LOST, that is. While the show frustrated a lot of viewers while it was on the air – and had a somewhat controversial finale – it’s a pretty cool show. And you can just go ahead and skip over season three this time.


Boy Meets World – This coming-of-age show excited fans recently by announcing a spin-off that would feature some of the original show’s cast. So, if you want to catch up on Cory, Topanga and the gang, you don’t need to look far. Still, nothing beats the original series.


How I Met Your Mother – Yeah, we get that this one, like, just ended, but the show was so full of clues and storylines that it would be cool to watch it from start to finish over a few months and piece everything together.


Gilmore Girls – If you watch the whole thing from start to finish without a break, it really only takes a couple of months for Luke and Lorelei to finally get together, right?


Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Sure, this movie was pretty cool to watch when you’re just looking at it as a tv show, but there’s so much literature available on the metaphors in and importance of the show available now, that it’s even more interesting to watch years after it went off the air.


Watch the Fallon Saved By The Bell Skit here!