2015 May Book Releases To Kick Off Your Summer


With classes ending, you’ll actually have to time to read for fun. What a concept, huh? If you’re sick of reading intellectual books and are ready to move along to fun, light, beach reads, then you’re in luck: Tons of highly anticipated YA novels are set to hit shelves this month. And we have all of them available on BIGWORDS at the cheapest costs around!

The Notorious Pagan Jones

A teenage film star with a reputation as America’s Sweetheart, everything changed one night in 1960, when Pagan killed her whole family while driving drunk. When her old agent pays her a visit in jail with an offer to spring her if she accepts a film role in West Berlin, Pagan jumps at the opportunity. However, she gets more than she bargained for and finds herself in over her head as she must contend with sobriety and the dangerous world of underground spies.

Apple and Rain

Abandoned by her mother 11 years ago, Apple is thrilled when she suddenly returns. But her mother doesn’t come alone – she brings along a sister who Apple didn’t even know existed, Rain. As the fractured family attempts to pull itself together, Apple, Rain and their mother go on journeys of self-discovery and healing.

The Cage

When Cora Mason wakes up in a desert, she has no idea what happened to her or how she got there. But that’s not even the strangest part. The desert is surrounded by a mix of environments, like a tundra, jungle and open pasture. She also finds an empty town that appears to have once been inhabited by people of varying cultures. She soon discovers that she’s not alone – four other teenagers have also been kidnapped and placed there. And over the course of her journey discovers that she’s part of an exhibit – in a zoo put together by aliens.

How to Start a Fire

Kate, Anna and Georgianna struck up a friendship during college in the 1990’s and quickly became inseparable. As life goes on, they grow apart and together as they get married and divorced, face personal demons, and cope with the other curveballs that life throws at them. The book examines how friendships change as women grow, but – despite distance and circumstance – important relationships always remain in existence.

Lion Heart

The latest novel in the Scarlet series, Lion Heart picks up Scarlet imprisoned by Prince John. She eventually escapes and sets off on a mission to free Kind Richard – something that puts her own life at risk. With her beloved Robin Hood’s help, Scarlet seeks to free the king and thwart Prince John’s dark plans for the future of England.