6 Study Apps That Will Come In Handy For Exams

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When it comes to efficient studying, there are tons of tools and tricks out there to help college students get ahead. And while flagging pages in a textbook with Post-Its works for some people, others prefer to take advantage of the myriad technology-based study tools available out there. If that sounds like you, you’re in luck We found six great apps to help you nail your exams this semester.

1. StudyRoom


Are you a study group person? Then StudyRoom is a must-have app for you. This app enables students in a course to connect with each other in virtual rooms to access notes, outlines and study tips. You can use the rooms to ask for help and chat with other people in the course. The best part is that you can access it through your Facebook or email account – super easy.


2. Open Study


If you’re a night owl who finds that you are haunted by questions about course material at 3 am – but have no one to ask questions – then Open Study just might save the day. This app gives students access to study assistance and tutoring 24 hours a day. You can collaborate with classmates or ask a volunteer study “hero” to help you out with a challenging problem or topic.

3. CliffsNotes Study Guides


This handy phone app allows you to study for Literature tests in Cram or Full Plan modes from the palm of your hand, anytime and any place. Though the app is a sign of our times, Cliffnotes has been helping students study since 1958!

4. StudyBlue


Flashcards, review sheets, study guides and quizzes and available on multiple OS platforms –  oh my. StudyBlue enables you to make digital flashcards while getting feedback on your knowledge of various topics. The app contains study filters that weed out topics and content that you have mastered so that you can focus on reviewing material that you don’t grasp well. The app also allows you to set test and study reminders, and has collaboration features that are great if you’re studying with a friend or in a group.

5. Study Checker

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Do you have trouble keeping track of exactly how much you’re studying? Study Checker doesn’t. This app records your study times and breaks to help you analyze your study habits, and determine whether or not you need to step it up. If you can’t stay honest with yourself about how hard you’re working, this app will definitely do that for you.

6. Flashcards*


Sync devices, web-edit, and share your custom made cards through dropbox with study buddies using this simple intuitive note app complete with a real-flashcard-feel.