5 Must-Haves For The Tailgating Rookie


IT’S HERE! After along eight months since the last touchdown, college football season is back. Whether you go to a school with a national championship contender or a D3 team – or your loyalties lie elsewhere – getting prepared for those long Saturdays of tailgating is a lot of fun. If you’re still scrambling to find everything you need, have no fear – BIGWORDS has it all, including these “must-haves” to ensure that your tailgating is the number one hot-spot this season.

YETI Cooler

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line coolers, then everyone knows that YETI is the way to go. We have tons of options – including the 20-quart, 45-quart and Hopper models – and also carry a variety of YETI “accessories,” like tumblers and bottle openers.

Beer Pong Table

If you really want to be the “destination tailgate,” you absolutely must have a beer pong table. And if you have this professional table with holes for Solo cups and glow lights, you’re definitely going to be throwing the party that everyone wants to attend. It’s worth noting that we carry tons of beer pong tables through our site, so if this one is a bit too fancy – or out of budget – for you, a quick search will pull up lots of options for you.

Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill

You can’t have a tailgate without grilling up some burgers and dogs – so you’ll need something portable, durable and reliable. Most websites will point you in the direction of this Weber model, anyway, so just take our word for it and pick one up. And, while you’re at it, invest in a set of grilling tools.

Portable Canopy Tent

Do you want your tailgate to be a rain or shine event, or to have to cancel at the last minute due to poor shelter? That’s what we thought. Picking up a tent does more than just shield your guests from sun and rain, though – it can also serve as an easy landmark so people know where to find you.

Harmon Kardan iPod speaker

It’s not a party without a solid music playlist – and in order to play some tunes, you’ll need a portable speaker than can work outside. We recommend this affordable model from Harmon Kardan that supports most iPod/iPhone models and takes AAA batteries.