Holiday Gift Ideas: 8 Great Gadgets For A Geekier Gift

It’s never been so chic to be a geek. In a world full of quirky technological gadgets, if you’re a geek, 2015 is your time to shine. So why not let your geek flag fly high while giving the gift of geek to others this holiday season? We have a list of some of our favorites to help you out.

Amazon Echo

A powerful voice-controlled personal assistant that controls smart home devices, plays any song request, updates to-do lists, gives the weather and more, is the perfect gift for literally anyone living in today’s techy world. Even better, it’s on sale today only for $149 (from $179) so buy early and gift later!


Satechi Spectrum IQ Lightbulb

This perfect friend gift lets them control up to 10 of these LED light bulbs. No special light socket required and they can personalize the lighting by choosing from a palette of over 16 million colors. This is the light bulb that they never knew they needed.


iLuv SmartShaker

Perfect gift for the college sibling or roommate that hasn’t quite nailed down early rising and 8 am classes. The iLuv SmartShaker fits right under their pillow and can wake them up with a vibration, sound or both. It connects wirelessly to a smartphone and can work for up to 30 feet away.


Pac Man Ghost Light

Let’s be honest: Even if you’re not a geek, this is pretty badass. Perfect for family members and friends with nostalgia for the 80s.

LED Word Clock

Easy-to-understand number clocks are for the weak. Great gift for the dad who would get a kick out of confusing your house guests – and possibly everyone living under his roof – we recommend this LED Word Clock that convolutes the time into a text that only a true genius like pop can understand.


Ivation Smart Wireless Bluetooth Electronic Padlock

Another great roommie or sibling gift. We recommend this smartphone-controlled padlock that can’t be picked and doesn’t require a key or combination that they’ll inevitably forget.


SYMA Quadcopter with camera

Remote-controlled helicopters are for kids but this SYMA Quadcopter is an adult’s toy. This beast can go up, down, left, right and pretty much any-which-way.


Smart Herb Garden



Mom and Dad’s are gonna love this one. With their own indoor garden to grow basil, thyme and lemon balm they’ll be able to give their recipes a little kick during the not so garden friendly winter season.