Five Easy Jobs To Help You Make Extra Cash



As summer rolls along, a quick look at your bank account might reveal an unpleasant fact: You’ve blown through your savings and it looks like you’ll be eating ramen for the rest of the year. Well, have no fear – there are plenty of ways you can earn some cash without the hassle of committing yourself to a part-time job at the mall. Below are some fun, easy “odd” jobs you can pick up to ensure that you have enough moola for that final summer trip that your friends are already planning.


Dog walking/pet sitting – If you don’t like animals, then this is not the job for you, but it’s a great way to make some cash – that’s all tax-free and under-the-table. In some areas, dog walkers can make $15-20 for a 30-60 minute visit, which isn’t too shabby. If you don’t have any leads on clientele, post flyers at your local coffee shops and put up a profile on websites like Sitter City or Care Pages.


Focus groups – One of the best kept secrets to making quick cash, focus groups are generally 60-90 minute studies conducting by companies seeking to gather market research on services and products. They pay surprisingly well – often $100 or more per interview. In addition to search the “miscellaneous” job postings on Craigslist, websites like Focus Pointe Global advertise a variety of studies and alert you via email to opportunities in your area.


Shot girl – Believe it or not, those scantily clad women walking around bars with test tubes of syrupy shots are raking it in. According to Life Hack, shot girls can make anywhere between $300 and $600 each night. How is this possible? They’re paid 25 cents per shot sold and get to keep tips. Apparently, this really adds up.


Movie or TV extra – While scoring one of these gigs is certainly easier in places like New York City or Los Angeles, television shows and movies shoot at locations all over the country and are always in need of extras (those people walking around in the background). Depending on the production, you can make a couple of hundred dollars in a day. To find opportunities near you, check out Backstage, which lists the type of productions and pay grades.


Uber driver – Uber has blown up over the past year and people nationwide aren’t just taking advantage of the convenient transportation services – they’re making money off it. Anyone with a car an sign up to be an Uber driver. Taking one weekend off of partying to drive around your drunk classmates can be an awesome way to make cash to get you through the rest of the month.