6 Tips To Get Your Homework Done When You Don’t Feel Like Doing It


Let’s be honest, homework is the literal last thing you want to do. Ever.

But regardless of how badly you wish that those term papers would just write themselves, you eventually have to face the music and get them done. So, how do you get yourself motivated when you’re a master procrastinator?

Be realistic about your study spot.

If there are too many distractions at home, head to a library or another place where you can really focus. When it comes to studying, your environment can make all the difference – so choose wisely.

Don’t make excuses.

It’s easy to put off studying by making excuses. For example, you’ll get started once you clean your room. Or after that Black Mirror binge is over. The truth is that there will never be an ideal time to get started because homework sucks always, so you need to just bite the bullet and get moving.

Set goals for yourself.

If the idea of spending all day in the library without a break is too overwhelming, set little goals and rewards for yourself. For instance, once you get through half of the outline for your history test, allow yourself to head to Starbucks for a popular fall hot beverage I am conveniently not naming . Or give yourself a 15-minute social media allowance after you finish a chapter of Infinite Jest. Just be careful not to let yourself get greedy you greedy greed.

Find a homework partner.

Having someone keep you accountable to studying can be a great thing. Recruit a friend to sit with in silence and coexist at a table together – but be sure to find someone who you know is serious about getting work done and won’t be a distraction.


Put your phone on silent and throw it in your backpack, and if possible, turn off the WiFi on your computer. This helps to remove one of the biggest distractions you’ll face while studying. You’ll be fine. Deep breaths.

Shift subjects.

The thought of spending an entire day focused on a subject you hate can be depressing and daunting. So, instead opt to break up your studying by shifting subjects to something else once you reach certain milestones. This can make the whole study day a little easier to stomach.