Top Five Sites That Sell Your Textbooks Cheaper Than Anywhere Else

To make your life a bit easier – and save you from wasting too much time surfing the Internet to find the best deals and sites, we compiled a list of the top five websites that sell textbooks. Fill up your shopping cart now and you’ll have some extra cash to help fund that great Spring Break vacation that you’ve been planning.

1. compares all textbook sites at once

Saves $1000 per year on average

We’re a little biased (obviously), but we promise you that we really are the best textbook retailer out there. scours the web to pull up the best deals from over 50 textbook sites in just seconds, providing price compare features on new, used and electronic books that enable you to determine your best options. In addition to loading up cost information for you, BIGWORDS also has an Uber-BOT that finds shipping costs, coupons and promotions available online and automatically includes them in the prices you see, allowing you to really maximize your savings.

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2. Bookrenter

Buying books isn’t always the best way to procure your course materials. In many cases, renting makes a lot more sense – particularly if the book is for an easy class or something you’re taking just to get a requirement out of the way. If you don’t think that you’ll be marking up a book very much or won’t need it as reference material for future classes, renting might be the way for you to go. And Bookrenter is the best book rental site out there.


This textbook marketplace has been around for a while now and is a great place to go if you’d like to deal with people instead of a company. provides a platform through which buyers and sellers can connect directly, so when you buy a book, you’re doing so directly from a person. It’s owned by eBay and borrows many of the same features, like buyer/seller ratings, feedback and comments.


Undoubtedly the world’s biggest retailer, Amazon is also a great place to buy textbooks. The site offers tons of titles available in both new and used condition, and plenty of shipping options so you can be sure to get the books you need, when you need them. If you choose to purchase used textbooks, you’ll be able to get a read on each item’s condition to ensure you don’t end up with a book missing a cover or pages.


Electronic books continue to increase in popularity and with all of the eReaders available on the market today, chances are good that you or some of your friends are planning to go with eBooks for at least one of your courses next semester. If you’re going that route, we strongly recommend purchasing texts through, which sells cross-platforms eBooks that can work on any device. That way, if you decide to switch it up and go from an iPad to a Kindle mid-semester, you won’t need to rebuy the book – you can just transfer it over.

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