Nine Items To Help You Stave Off Dorm Room Boredom This Semester


Chances are good that by this point in the semester, that poster of Van Gough’s “Starry Night” that you loved so much back in September is a looking a little stale on your wall. It’s a new semester and that means that it’s time for a dorm room refresh. We get it: You’re on a budget and can’t spend a ton of money on décor. Don’t worry – BIGWORDS has you covered. We put together a list of some of our favorite dorm room decorations – all under $30 – that can revamp your space for the months ahead.

Mirror wall stickers

Thirty round mirrors of different sizes come in this pack, giving you tons of options for placement and styles.

Colorful throw pillows

This set of four pillows is less than $15, so store a couple in your closet for a few months and then swap them out to keep things fresh.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

These things are all the rage right now, thanks to claims that they help with stress and anxiety. They’re pretty pricey, but we found a small one for $25.99 that’s perfect for a dorm room.

Dry erase wall map

Dying to document all of the places you’ve traveled to? Then this peel-and-stick wall map is the perfect accent to your place. It functions as a dry erase board, so you can mark all of your favorite spots around the world.

Inflatable “bean bag” chair

f you need some extra seating, but don’t have a ton of space, pick up one of these, which can be blown up for company and deflated and stored when you’re alone.

Floating shelves

This set of three shelves gives you plenty of options to arrange picture frames, trinkets, books and your favorite childhood stuffed animal around your room.

Dimmable LED string lights

Give your room a tranquil vibe by stringing some of these lights around your ceiling. This set comes with a dimmer and remote control, so you can change the brightness along with your mood.

Shaggy rug

This small, hot pink area rug will give your room the pop of color that it desperately needs.

Mandala wall tapestry

If carpets aren’t your thing, opt for a colorful wall tapestry to brighten up your room. We like this trippy mandala one from Blue Star.