Patriots vs Falcons Super Bowl: Just Another Excuse To Party Party

A little game of footy ball is going down next weekend and they call it the Super Bowl. Heard of it? It equals out to be 4 hours of grown men beating the crap out of each other with amazing Pepsi and Doritos commercials airing every 3 minutes. Personally, I tune in to the puppy bowl (don’t judge).  The super bowl has a bigger meaning than deciding who is the best team in the country : it’s true existence is to encourage you to throw a raging party in your dorm/apartment with 20 of your best friends. I was able to get ALL these amazing Super Bowl party items for super cheap. The 75% I saved by using to find party supplies will go into the “refreshment” funds if you get my drift.

Go Plate


We don’t use the word genius very often but commeeee onnnnn! This Go Plate is simply incredible! You can wash these and use again too. We call this “college student fine china”.

Field Runner


YES!! You can line your entire apartment floor with these or create your OWN kitten bowl / puppy bowl with these Field Runners. It’s decorative and it protects your carpet from spilled beverages or other “accidents” that  may occur.

Inflatable Goal Post Cooler (Over 6 ft Tall)


OMG I want this so bad and for $20 bucks you can afford to buy two and do a mini superbowl during half time. The best part about this Inflatable Goal Post is that it doubles as a cooler and holds up to 60 12oz cans! This item even comes with an inflatable football. I know I know.. it’s amazing!

Football Paper Lanterns


These Football Paper Lanterns are pretty awesome because they are a foot tall and the pack holds 3 units. These paper lanterns are over 13 inches tall. I can’t think of a better way to spend $8 honestly.

Reese’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Footballs


Do we really need to explain why you need these? Reese’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Footballs run close to $30. When you use you can find these for $10 per 38 oz bag. How can you pass up a deal like that?

You also may want this

and this

if you’re all Pinteresty and want to copy a few things we had in the photo used to lure you here.



And yum. These eazy peazies:



Enjoy the game!


But really…for more information on the Puppy Bowl, click HERE .