5 Tips

Get hooked up with your college’s career center. Don’t be the kid who decides to visit the career center for the first time the month you graduate. If you make an appointment early, your college’s counselors can get to know you and notify you of job and interview opportunities as they come up. Don’t neglect to use this valuable resource that your school provides.

Set up a LinkedIn profile. Find your most professional-looking photo and ask a career counselor at your school to help you set up a winning LinkedIn profile. Because you don’t have much job experience yet, you’ll need to get creative with your profile. LinkedIn also offers several resources that you should take advantage of –join groups and connect with people in your industry. You can also begin perusing the job board and applying, as necessary.

Clean up your online presence. Those party pictures on your Instagram profile? Private, private, private.  And get rid of any Twitter posts that could be perceived as offensive or childish, or portray you in a negative light. Moving forward, be very discerning about what you choose to post and, if necessary, tighten up your privacy settings to control what other people can post on your pages. Potential employers DO look at social media these days and your activity can come back to haunt you in adulthood.

Don’t be afraid to network and reach out. You don’t have to start attending professional networking events – unless that’s the common standard in your chosen industry – but do reach out to professionals and ask them to lunch and coffee. Whether they’re friends of your parents or your LinkedIn connections, don’t be afraid to reach out and network. Even if someone doesn’t have a job for you, he or she might be able to put you in touch with someone else to contact. Much of the business world is about networking, so break out of your comfort zone and get started.