Don’t Use The Force…Use BIGWORDS In Your Quest To Sell Your Textbooks


May 4th is Star Wars Day! 

You don’t need to be Yoda to figure out how to get the most money back for your old textbooks. When exams are over and you’re ready for the celebrations to begin, the last thing you want to do is expend a ton of brainpower deciding which greedy Sith is going to give you the cash you deserve for your gently used biochem book. Luckily for you, BIGWORDS makes selling your textbooks super easy and students who sell their textbooks through our site get – on average – 90% back. No Jedi mind tricks necessary.

If you wanna make off with cash from your no-longer-needed textbooks, scouring the Internet for hours on end isn’t the way to go. Selling through random websites requires hours of price comparing between various vendors. But the BIGWORDS process? Smoooth as the surface of a neutron star. Our UBER-bot and price comparison features enable you to easily see which sites will offer you the most cash for your books, sending you into the price war battle as prepared and well-armed as an army of Stormtroopers.

Sell Your Textbooks Now

Keep in mind – the price you’ll get back from your book is based on a couple of factors, namely the condition it’s in and how in-demand a particular title is. If a newer edition of a textbook is due out to be used the following semester, the value of your book will be a bit reduced. And that egomaniac professor who made Darth Vader seem like a nice guy? Thank your holy stars for him because the book he wrote that served as the basis for his entire course will more than likely be used again next semester by another batch of unlucky students – so, it won’t deplete in value too much.

It’s not hard to be the hero when you use BIGWORDS to sell your textbooks. While we can’t exactly help you score chicks like Han Solo, we can ensure that you get enough cash from your bounty to load up on some cool essentials that every Star Wars fanatic should have. Like these!


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