4 Things You Should Request From Your Summer Internship That You May Not Have Thought Of


If “Yeah yeah school cred, some work experience, blah blah blah” is what you are thinking, you may be missing out on some real opportunity. Make sure to request these 4 simple things during your summer internship that will jumpstart your career faster than you can imagine.

One On One Outside Of The Office

NO! This is not an invitation to go party with your boss! We are suggesting you take your boss to lunch one day and pick their brain about how they started, how they got their job, and what it takes to score a job at the company such as the one you are working at as an intern. People love to talk about themselves so let them talk and have your questions prepared. Not only will it show them you genuinely care about learning, it will also show them you are interested in them as a mentor. Note, bosses seem to be a little more honest and open when you are not physically in the office, so step outside the cafeteria  if possible.

A Letter Of Recommendation

For every internship you participate in, request a letter of recommendation at the end of it. No matter if it says “Brad cleaned the toilets with such vigor we highly recommend him”, a letter of recommendation can potential help you land your next job.  The best way to acquire is asking your supervisor to write one on LinkedIn. A physical letter is a little dated.

Help With Your Resume / Cover Letter

Your supervisor will be more than happy to look over your resume and cover letter and give you helpful pointers. These are the people who hire in the industry so they know exactly what you need to say and be to get the job.


We all need someone to lean on at times especially when figuring out a career.  At the end of your internship, ask you supervisor if it’s ok if you email them from time to time if you ever need answers to those questions you can’t find answers to.  Trust us, they’d be honored and you will need the lifeline every once in a while.