4 Ways To Deal With The Post-College Blues


Sometimes adulting is sucky. Securing a job is hard, you’re separated from your friends, the anxiety of making ends meet is high and then there’s that haunting image of your sweet, loving parents spreading their arms open, welcoming you back into their house. Love you mom and dad, but no. Please put your arms back together.

So now what. How on earth do you cope with the real world?

Stay busy.

Just because you haven’t landed your dream job doesn’t mean that you should just spend your days sleeping until noon and watching Netflix in your childhood bedroom. Make sure to stay busy. Get a temporary job, intern, volunteer and hit the pavement hard when it comes to searching and applying for jobs. Stay disciplined about your time. There will be plenty of nights to have a Netflixathon. People aren’t getting married until their 30s now. Plenty of bum time AFTER you come home from work. For years. Decades. Alone. Forever. Oops sorry. Projecting.


Good lord it took me a long time to have the patience, attention span and even the desire to meditate. But I did it once and I think it really helped. There was also that time I tried to watch a hypnotizing video on Youtube to chill my anxiety, fell asleep and had no idea what the dude said to me for an hour, which was terrifying. I don’t recommend doing that. Really though, psychologists have recommended meditation as a treatment for people suffering from depression and other mental illnesses for years. Remember that meditation is a practice. It can take time for you to learn how to focus quietly, but start small – even if it’s only a minute or two – and work your way up. Also, many community centers and yoga studios offer meditation courses, so check one out to get some tips on how to get the most out of your meditation.

Plan a weekend getaway with friends.

Chances are, you’re suffering from a bit of separation anxiety being away from people you once lived down the hall from. To help ease the pain of the threat of never having  friends again, try your best to keep in contact with everyone, old friends and new, and plan a trip before they start making babies and adopting numerous pets they can’t leave home alone . If funds are tight, you don’t need to do something crazy – just agree to get together at someone’s home for a weekend.


Exercise has been proven to help with depression. Whether you make daily trips to the gym, go on hikes with your dog or get into competitive running, make sure to spend some time working out to get your endorphins pumping. Also, working out can just make you feel better and more confident about yourself – which you might need if you’re having trouble finding a job. In a side note, did you know that one-third of all humans are now overweight? Wake up and smell the coffee with no milk or sugar people. It actually taste like coffee, not a liquid desert you just substituted a healthy breakfast for.

Get a pet.

Hey, remember the person who adopts all the pets that we mentioned a few paragraphs up? Maybe that can be you! Aww, go you. Going from a dorm to an apartment on your own can be a huge change – and it can quickly get pretty lonely. Especially if your bad at making friends your not forced to share a room with. A pet will not only keep you company, but will give you a sense of responsibility. If costs are a concern, visit your local shelter. Pets are usually pretty low-cost and are already vaccinated before they’re ready for adoption.

LASTLY. And most importantly.

At BIGWORDS, we of course are no authority on this matter. We are only offering advice. It is always important to get a professional opinion when dealing with serious matters such as depression. If you are really stressing, please, PLEASE talk to someone.